Nerf Long Sword



The Long Sword Gives an Advantage

The longest sword made by Nerf is the Marauder. This sword is a whopping 40.5 inches long. This long sword can be found in various places around the net and at some of your local retail stores. You can figure on the same price with either option, online you may have to pay added shipping although in some cases you can find free shipping.

When purchasing the Marauder expect to spend somewhere around $20, for that price you really get a cool sword. It is durable and flexible and will stand up easily to your opponent during battle. It’s made from high quality Nerf foam and will not fall apart like other foam swords you may find on the market.

The Unique Handle Of the Long Sword

Looking to the handle of this unique sword you will find etchings that closely match that of Link’s sword from the Legend of Zelda. It has some good detail and has plenty of room to hold on.

When using this sword you will find that the blade end is much heavier than the handle end which may make it difficult to use with just one hand. The long sword is ideal for a person that has less of a reach and wants to win. This sword will give even the smallest person a fighting chance.

Nerf Long Sword

Caution: Real Power in This Sword

Caution should be taken when using this sword. With the length and weight of the blade end, a strong swing of this sword could yield some real damage to glasses or goggles. It should be handled respectfully. This is even more important for a person who is of a bigger stature.

This sword should be used by any person that can handle a sword of this length. It will give you an advantage whether you have a short reach or a long one. It’s important to keep in mind that this sword should be handled with two hands so it may not be an ideal match to use with a shield. However, you really won’t need a shield with the size of this sword.

Is it the Best?

If you are into Nerf swords or you are looking for your first one, the Marauder sword is the biggest, longest and arguably the most powerful in the entire lineup. It has the advantage in weight and length combining for shear force.

This long sword and that of the others in the Nerf N Force lineup make great gifts for any occasion. They are not too expensive and can be lots of fun. You can buy one style of sword as a gift and buy another for yourself to make for your own unique battle. Battling with Nerf Swords will provide you with hours of entertainment and is fun for the whole family.

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